obniz Starter Kit

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Starter kit with 8 basic parts such as sensor, switch and motor and obniz Board.

obniz can be programmed with JavaScript, it is easy to use AI and hardware such as face recognition and voice recognition as well as SNS linkage using UI running on the browser and API!


  • obniz Board ×1
  • 8x8 LED Matrix ×1
  • Traffic Light Module ×1
  • Servo Motor ×1
  • Passive Buzzer Module ×1
  • Digital Push Button ×1
  • Temperature Sensor ×1
  • PIR Motion Sensor ×1
  • Distance Sensor ×1
  • Micro USB Cable ×1


The package (outer box) has been changed. There are no changes to the parts included in the package.


  Contains 8 parts and obniz Board  

  Just plug in directly and get started  

Connect the obniz Board to Wi-Fi and you're ready to go. Insert your favorite parts directly and run from the program! Programming and immediate execution using an online editor on a PC or smartphone / tablet.

  Let's run with HTML / JavaScript  

Because obniz can be programmed with JavaScript, UI running on the browser, SNS linkage using API, as well as AI x hardware such as face recognition and voice recognition are EASY!

With just this kit you can Realize your ideas

You can easily work with various services and devices.

SNS cooperation Smart Home / IoT
When a sensor detects that someone is there, a message is sent to the messaging app or SNS.
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By combining with the weather API, you can create a device that will tell you the weather.
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Official site: obniz Starter Kit