How to confirm the obnizID of M5StickC

How to get started with M5StickC [obnizOS + HobbyLite] , from power on to obnizID confirmation.

1. Turn on the M5StickC 

Before using M5StickC, charge the battery or supply power from USB type-C. To turn on the power, press 2 seconds the power button on the side of M5StickC.

*At this time, nothing is displayed on the M5StickC screen.


2. Check the Wi-Fi access point

M5StickC is outputting Wi-Fi , in the initial state.Check the list of Wi-Fi access points from your PC or smartphone.


The 8-digit number of SSID is obnizID.

If an SSID starting with "obniz-" is not displayed in the access point list, check the following:

  • M5StickC is not turned on. -> Please restart M5StickC.
    (Press and hold for 6 seconds, then press and hold for 2 seconds.

  • Confirm startup using a serial monitor such as ArduinoIDE.

[How to check the access point]

- Windows OS
Windows Settings > Network and Internet  > Wi-Fi
Click to [
available networks]

- Mac

System Preferences > Network  > Wi-Fi
[Network Name]

- iPhone

Settings > Wi-Fi

- Andoroid

Setting > Network and Internet  > Wi-Fi
(If you don’t see the list, check Use Wi-Fi)

Network Setting

Let's connect to the network (Wi-Fi), If you can confirm to start M5StickC and  obnizID. Refer to the following for Network setting.

Network Configration