[3-month Trial Plan] Ventilation status quantification / visualization service

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"Trial Plan" provides a visualization-specific function that allows you to view the CO2 value in real time from a dedicated URL on a PC or tablet.

-Get started right away with no initial cost

-No dedicated APP is required,
you can check the value in real time with a web browser

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3 months only

  • The value acquired by the CO2 sensor is displayed in real time on the browser.
  • Viewing history of past data



  • obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway ×1
  • CO2 Sensor ×1
  • Dedicated URL  for viewing sensor values

- Graph type

You can choose from two types: Line chart or Bar chart.

- Add Option

You can add Notification function.
The Notification function sets the threshold and notifies the alert to the Email address or Slack.

If you use the Notification function, you need the following information.
When ordering, please let us know in the cart "Special instructions for sellers".

Email  Email address to notify
Slack Incoming Webhook URL


    *Please be sure to read it

    • The service can be provided only if you agree to the terms of use.
      Read Terms of Use
    • Wi-Fi environment is required to use. Also, prepare a PC or tablet terminal for viewing.
    • Please set the items to be delivered by yourself (see the explanation page for delivery).