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This is a kit product that includes a beacon tag and an obniz IoT gateway.


Three beacon tags and three obniz IoT gateways (obniz BLE/WiFi gateways) are included in each package. We also provide an application that can be run in a web browser that can be used immediately without programming.

  • You can check the BLE beacon detection capability of obniz.
  • You can experience indoor location scanning with multiple units.
  • You can experience indoor location technology such as triangulation.
  • You can use obniz to align your tools for developing indoor location information.


  • obniz BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway (include obniz Cloud usage License) ×3
  • Beacon tag (iBS04i [iBeacon]) ×3
  • Start Guide



It is possible to determine the approximate location of an object (presence detection, proximity detection) based on the strength of radio signals received from beacon tags attached to people and objects.

By using the application prepared for this kit, you can experience it right away without programming it. Also, the application program is available to the public, so you can start developing based on it.

How to use


BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway

This is obnizOS pre-installed and official license appliedl device. 
This let you control BLE devices around a gateway from your Cloud or Smartphones.

  • Wi-Fi: b/g/n(2g)
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Maker: ENCORED JAPAN Inc.

Product Detail



  Beacon tag
Small beacon in the form of a key ring.



  • This product is designed for prototyping and failure support is limited to initial failure. Please understand this in advance.
  • We shall not be liable for any damage caused by accidents or malfunctions related to the product.
  • In the event of an initial defect, we may replace the product, but we will not analyze or pursue the cause or factors.
  • This product is subject to change without notice due to various reasons such as improvement.


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